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Manapul and Boccellato Bring The Light To Batman

I have been waiting for this issue of Detective Comics since October of last year (2013)  when DC Comics announced that Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato were taking over the reigns beginning with issue 30. The first time I came across Francis Manapul’s penciling was when he did all but

“Constantine”, “Gotham”, and “The Flash” Add To Their Casts.

While Constantine Seeks Supporting Cast Members, The Flash and Gotham Cast Their Villains Constantine Executives at NBC have put out a casting call for the lead and supporting roles in their upcoming DC Comics adaptation of Constantine. is reporting that the network is currently looking to cast the character of John Constantine himself, but

The Quiet Dignity of Bizarro

Bizarro, Superman’s dimwitted doppelgänger, has been reintroduced to DCU continuity via the currently running and increasingly maligned “Forever Evil” cross-over event. He was given a spotlight issue in October’s “Villain’s Month” featuring in Superman 23.1, and has since turned up in the pages of “Forever Evil” as

Sunday Comics: The Best of DC This Week

The Best Book DC Offered This Week I was a teenager I lived for “new comic book day” which as everyone today knows is each Wednesday of the week. In the pre-Big Bang Theory 1990′s when Chuck Lorre was still earning his stripes on Rosanne the only

Making Sense of the Mess!

Transforming A Bunch Of Comic Books Into A Proper Collection Having decided to take my collection more seriously the only thing left to do was to get started, and the only question remaining was: where to start? I made a quick visual assessment of the state of